05.0°W (Destination) Eutelsat 5 West B (Testposition 1.4°E)

  • I can only see one beacon on 11199.8MHz circular or mixed polarisation.


    1.2m Prodelin 1224 az-el with one of:
    S: Helical feed, 0.8dB NF LNA, X: 1.2dB NF LNA, conical feed,
    Ku wide band: corrugated conical feed, 1.5dB NF LNA, Ku (Standard): Octagon OSLO mod for C120 & ext ref Prodelin feed.

    Ka: Gilat ex-ODU PLLs Gilat feeds, Ka 18-26.5GHz: Patriot feed, home made 4dB NF LNA, Ka DSN: Corrugated conical feed, home made 3dB NF Down-Converter

    1.5m IRTE, Polar mount with Octagon OSLO mod. C120, IRTE feed
    40km East of London, UK

  • Is it possible that the beacon is powered by a battery on board? That would mean still no power from the solar panels for testing.

    location: Saarbruecken, Germany, 49,2N 7E
    11 fix dishes 78cm-240cm
    Ka-Band: 7E 125cm , 16E 150cm, 2 * Inverto KaKu
    C-Band: 10E: 240cm PFA - 26E: 230cm mesh - 3E: 180cm PFA - 8W: 167cm PFA LNB: 4 * Kaonsat 13K
    KU-Band: 78-150cm, multifeed
    RX: Openbox SX4/SX9, TM5402, TBS 5927, Edision Primo IP S2

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