10.0°W (incl.) USA 269 (Quasar 10 or 20?)

  • Received using a 3dB NF LNA and linear, vertical, feed on 1.2m dish.

    3 different spectra seen over a period of 12 hours. The beacon is in band E on 17.810MHz and is LHCP.

  • Using a band B LNB with circular polariser it can be seen that there are 2 polarisations. The original plots, in the post above, with be showing both at the same time hence one plot is a combination of 2 modes (green trace). There appears to be a 3rd mode which is very wide band and may be similar to other Orion/Mentor satellites.

    These plots have not been normalised to remove the LNB passband shape but show: the narrow band mode alone, narrow on RHCP & medium on LHCP and 3 different, very wide band, modes on RHCP. It seems that both polarisations can be switched to any mode. Note that the sensitivity of the LNB drops significantly towards the edges of the scans.

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