65.0°E Amos-4

  • 11370 H,1749,5/6,Dvb-S2,ACM-Multi(21)

    I hope I am not mistaken, but this transponder is on this satelit.I ask anyone to verify this(thanks in advance)The signal is high on many frequencies in orizontal pol but only on one I could lock.

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    Hi satesco,


    Feedsat has also locked this Frequency.

    PS: I had to put this two threads together, a little later.
    Of course I will check this signal soon as possible.

    Best Regards

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    Checked now 11370 H 1750 DVB-S2 MIS 21 too. :)



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    Can any of you could check 11214 V , I have a signal very low with SR 10000 FEC 1/2

    also data on 11370 H seems to be in a different modulation :)

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    Original von Feedsat
    Can any of you could check 11214 V , I have a signal very low with SR 10000 FEC 1/2

    Same situation here on 11214 V.


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    Ok, thanks Qwer.

    Maybe someone more in the east ?

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    Original von marval450
    New TPs switched on here. I can get only this for now... ;)

    Thanks marval450.

    And that are my results of this evening...


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    Very bad situation on my south-western QTH with 2,2m.

    I can "see" all these TP... with "NO LOCKED" signal

  • ähnlich, aber noch etwas schwächer hier die Signalausprägung; nur sporadisch zeigt der F16 ein kl. Signal unter 1,5dB an, das leider nicht bestehen bleibt.

    Die 11235 und 11289 zeigen lt. OB vergl.weise einen interessanteren -dBm-Wert an, was aber auf das Signal keinen Einfluss hat.

    1 Lam. 180 stationäry on 26 east

    1 Gib. 150

    1 T90
    1 Gib. 125
    all together in multifeed with 28 lnb

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    Still very bad situation on my QTH with 2,2m.

    "Strongest NO LOCKED" 11235 H 45000 1/2 DVB-S2 QPSK

    Raw Data only for me...


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    spectrum from France ;(

    There are not enough smiley to share my sadness

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    Great thanks for this catch marval450!

    Still a very bad situation here with 2,2m. :35:


  • We have 2 new TPs here-
    11360 V 45000 DVB/S2 QPSK 1/2
    11414 V 45000 DVB/S2 QPSK 1/2
    (thnx pawelwa)

    After a long fight I have scanned 11414V,with F15. :11:
    All channels encrypted.(Background from other channel)

  • Scan of the day for my...dish :69: I locked one of the transponders on spot India with 1.50 m dish:10789 V!


    7 antennas,including 2 of 150cm,one T90 with 16 lnbs
    lnb:Inverto Black Ultra with scalar rings and many Ku lnbs,
    C-band LNB:ESX241,Galaxy Inovations,EuroStar,MTI 20K,NS741U C/Ku,Inverto Single C-band Flange,lnb Chaparral Servo Motor & Skew Control
    LNB Ka:R9216DF XWM,Hughes FSS 19.7-20.2 GHz,
    6 satellite receivers,2 Meters,
    7 PC cards(tbs6983,6903,6590,6522,6209,2603,6909X,6903X,6504),3 tuners usb-tbs5927,tbs5925 & SkyStar USB 2 HD,
    Satellite reception between 100.5E-50.0W,
    Loc:Romania :3:

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