76.5°E Apstar-7

  • Scans from my QTH with my current setup

    Signal fluctuating so much

    Ku>DH 4,25M HH+OMT ADLx2 QPLL SMW-125Gib 28E+2Fracar 100 13/19E-2ChM 120 30W+5W
    C>2 OMT HV/LR+AVCOMM+4LNB NORSAT 3100F-BPF-4 (5G) on 4,25MT
    RotorFeed: C LR/HV+KU H/V

  • Just another scan from my place on 2.2m - no changes here.

  • i suppose that on 11573H feed transmission?

    ...11573 H is still empty, like here in feeds section (three years before) :72:

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