Decoding of Generic Streams

  • I want to tell you about my success of successfully decoding of Generic Streams (GS) under certain requirements.

    It's possible with help of a Cine S2 V7a. However I already got successfull reports with TBS 6903X. For decoding those GS it's necessary to receive the complete Baseband Frames (Bframes).

    Older cards like e.g. TBS 6903 (without X) were not able to receive the BBFrames completely.

    Both cards mentioned above have a modus that encapsulates the BBFrames into a psuedo TS. You can reconstruct a complete BBframe out of the payload of multiple TS packets.

    Exact datails about the pseudo TS you can find here:

    I can't guarentee that a faultless decdoing is able with all GS muxes. For TBS6903x it was also necessary to patch the driver.

    The stuff actually only works under linux and with commandline tools only.

    Meanwhile I was successfull to decode both DAB bundesmuxes on 23°East as well as the NRK DAB muxes on 1°West.

    On 33°East there's also a mini mux on 12544 V 1703 5/6 8PSK

    As Generic streams mostly IPv4 is used for broadcast content and is transmitted from/to a multicast address using UDP protocol.

    All other Generic Streams I found so far are usual internet traffic and is not of interest for us.

    Ich habe meine bzw. die angepassten Tools inzwischen auf github veröffentlicht:

    I published my or rather modified tools on github:

    bbframe-tools: pts2bbf for decapsulating the Pseudo TS, bbfudpdecap for extraction of GS UDP streams out of the BBframes.

    eti-tools: I extrended it with a tool called bbfedi2eti for the DAB muxes

    gsextract-b8: can created a pcap file for wireshark out of the BBframes, unfortunately still buggy. I had to modify the original tool gsextract because I add a Sync byte 0xB( in front of each BBframe.

  • Congratulations newsy on your success :76:We've been waiting a long time for someone to be able to decode such streams.

    I think I'm not wrong if I say that there are many members of this forum who want to see some pictures with such a generic stream decoded.Would I ask too much to post such images even if you worked on Linux?


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