Launch companies

  • There are currently over 100 small satellite launch vehicles in development in the world. Some of them have already been tested. Others exist so far only on paper. But it looks like we will have almost daily launches in the next decade.

    Do you have any favourite projects?

    And what do you think about the number of satellites that will be launched into orbit by 2029? (There should be about 57,000)

  • As I understand it, this is a growing market. But some experts say the small satellite launch segment is highly overestimated (overheated). That is, there are more companies ready to provide small satellite launch services than the industry requires. In this regard, I have a question: will only those who are ready to offer launches at minimal prices remain on the market or are there other options?

  • Currently in the world astronautics are

    large-scale changes that can dramatically change the situation in the field of astronautics. In recent years, a boom in the development of commercial astronautics has become self-replicating by attracting private capital, including "non-space" companies such as Google,

    Alibaba Group, Amazon (Blue Origin), Virgin Group (Virgin Galactic), etc., and on the other - the basis for solving purely government problems. Relying on the resources and solutions of private companies, competition between

    them - the countries of the West, China, Japan reduce the risks and costs of solving more and more ambitious tasks of moving into ever more distant space, developing space intelligence, telecommunications, communications and navigation in the interests of the economy and the armed forces.

    In this regard, more and more private space companies appear, which are called upon to participate in various state and scientific missions.

    Who would you bet on? On

    private companies or government agencies?

  • With the help of satellite technology, people receive data on animal migration. This allows not only tracking animals but also preventing the actions of poachers.

    Of course, drones on Earth are additionally used to complete the picture. But still, this is one of the things that make satellite technology useful.

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