31.5°W Intelsat 25

  • 3435,V,22859 signal today with TBS5521

    works with both DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X

    RollOff 0.15


    Ku: 0.90m (Géant perforated dish) 63°West -70.5°East

    Ku: 1.80m OS (Testing.....)
    C: 1.80m PF

    Ku-Band single LNBs: Televes UNI 7475,Inverto Black ultra IDLB-SINL40
    Ka-Band LNB:TRIAX twin-ka TKT001
    C-Band LNB:Panorama ER861

    ku-extended LNBs: Bwei 9Ghz & 12.8Ghz

    C-extended LNB: Bwei 5750Mhz

    Tuner: TBS5927,TBS5520SE,TBS6903X,Skystar usb HD,GTmedia-V8-finder
    Location: 22.8N,5.5E-Algeria

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