Voltage boost in the reputable Crazycat's StreamReader

  • I would like to share my experience with my colleagues.

    For some time now, my computer began to behave rather strangely:

    - during work, the screen could go out, the reaction to the mouse and keyboard disappeared. Only the Reset button helped to bring the computer out of this state;

    - when the computer was turned on, as soon as the fans were turned on, it again began to try to reboot;

    - when rebooting, the computer displayed a BIOS message about Overclocking and the need to disable it on the start screen. After setting all the default parameters in the BIOS, it was possible to reboot ...

    In especially "difficult" cases, it was necessary to take out everything that was possible from the computer before launching, starting with a powerful video card Radeon HD 5770, satellite cards and non-system disks. It was possible to start the computer with an "empty" motherboard, and therefore I decided that the matter was in the power supply unit and changed it to a more powerful one. The problems were temporarily resolved, until during the June heat, I again had to empty the motherboard to work on the computer.

    But to work on the IQmonitor Pro program, I had to put TBS-6983 in the top slot. Since there was free access to it from below, I was able to try the temperature of the microcircuits on the board with my fingers - oh, horror! They were hot! It was impossible to keep your finger on the microcircuit for more than 5 seconds!

    A fan was installed to blow off the tuner and its temperature dropped to 50 degrees, but under the finger the microcircuit quickly warmed up and the finger had to be removed ...

    Remembering the BIOS message about Overclocking, I assumed that something was raising the TBS-6983 supply voltage higher than nominal, which was causing the card and the computer as a whole to overheat.

    The respected Crazycat's StreamReader.ini has a line in which the LNB supply voltage is increased by 1V:

    VoltBoost = 1

    ;! Voltage boost (+ 1V)

    and this value is set by Crazycat itself. I have been using this option for many years and it has never happened.

    But my operating system changed: WindowsXP -> Windows 7 -> Windows 10. The latest OS is still self-updating, and I do not know how it reacts to the command to increase the voltage on Volt, which is given by StreamReader.

    You can think of this as senile insanity and paranoia, but since I had no other versions, I set the line in StreamReader.ini:

    VoltBoost = 0

    I worked late yesterday with the TBS-6983 and there were no problems.

    And today, turning on the computer, I got scared, because I did not hear the buzzing of the fans and decided that the computer would not boot again ...

    But the screen was showing the BIOS and Windows 10 boot procedure! The fans were running, but very quiet. I tried the TBS-6983 microcircuits with my finger - they were warm, about 40°. Enabled Resource Monitor - CPU temperature varied from 36 to 38°.

    Since I supplied my IQmonitor program bundled with the reputable Crazycat's StreamReader, I considered it my duty to share this sad and confusing story with my colleagues, and I myself will subsequently supply StreamReader.ini with the line:

    VoltBoost = 0

    Anyone who works with a wonderful program StreamReader respected Crazycat, I advise you to apply this line

  • Ich wollte heute wegen Tests auf 27,5°W nach Wien fahren, daher probierte ich gestern das Laptop nochmals.

    Sobald ich dreamdvb startete (nutzt auch den streamreader), hatte ich ähnliche Erlebnisse.

    Totales Einfrieren sofort nach Öffnen des Programm war die häufigste Ursache.

    Einige der letzten Windows Updates hat die Reparaturfunktion zwar deinstalliert, brachte aber auch nichts.

    Jetzt wäre interessant, ob das exklusiv beim streamreader auftritt oder auch bei Programmen, die zum Beispiel die LNB-Spannung erhöhen.

    Nochmals Danke strannik für den Hinweis!

    I wanted to drive to Vienna today for tests at 27.5 ° W, so I tried the laptop again yesterday.

    As soon as I started dreamdvb (also uses the streamreader), I had similar experiences.

    Total freezing immediately after opening the program was the most common cause.

    Some of the last Windows updates uninstalled the repair function, but did not help either.

    Now it would be interesting whether this occurs exclusively with the streamreader or also with programs that, for example, increase the LNB voltage.

    Thanks again strannik for the hint!

    Ku/C-Band: IRTE (2,4m, 78°E - 43°W, Corotor II plus), LNBs: SMW Multiband Typ E, Norsat DRO 8115F 15K

    Ka/Ku/C/(X)-Band: Laminas 1800 stationär (55°E - 5°W, LNB-Changer Version 2018) und Laminas 1800 mobil

    LNBs: Zinwel ZCF-D21B 20K, Norsat 9000HAF-2, 9200HBC-4F, 9000HD-3F, 9200HEF-4, XMW R1314IF-1

    Tuner: TBS 6908, TBS 6925, TBS 5927, TBS 5580, TBS6903x, TBS6281SE, TBS6904SE

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