07.3°W Eutelsat 7 West A <NWA>

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    Von meinem Standort und mit nur 1,80m Antenne

    habe ich leider keine Chance beide Transponder zu bekommen.

    From my location and with an antenna of only 1.80m

    I unfortunately have no chance of getting both transponders.

  • Hier gehen die alle :3:

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    Just my scan in 2022 - in the afternoon hours... No locks: 10992 V, 11158 V and 11474 V.

    PS: 11430 V (new appeared since my last scan) is from MENA beam.

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    Hallo qwer

    so grosse Unterschied mit meiner 1,80 Antenne gibt es nicht :76:

    there is no big difference with my 1.80 antenna

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    Another try in the evening hours: 11474 V lockable now (, using Inverto single flange).

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    mit 3,5 dB bin ich einfach zu knapp, leider .

    with 3.5 dB I am simply too close, unfortunately .

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    6 from 8 lockable from this beam in summer ´22 on 2.2m at my place - as always in the near past: 10992 V and 11158 V not lockable...

    PS: Signal on 11474 V is quite okay... :83:

  • As usual in the evening the signal is even 1->2dB stronger than during the day. But in general, it has so far remained at the same level as before.

    Here is how it looks on my spectrum in my area. :3:

    7 antennas,including 2 of 150cm,one T90 with 16 lnbs
    lnb:Inverto Black Ultra with scalar rings and many Ku lnbs,
    C-band LNB:ESX241,Galaxy Inovations,EuroStar,MTI 20K,NS741U C/Ku,Inverto Single C-band Flange,lnb Chaparral Servo Motor & Skew Control
    LNB Ka:R9216DF XWM,Hughes FSS 19.7-20.2 GHz,
    6 satellite receivers,2 Meters,
    7 PC cards(tbs6983,6903,6590,6522,6209,2603,6909X,6903X,6504),3 tuners usb-tbs5927,tbs5925 & SkyStar USB 2 HD,
    Satellite reception between 100.5E-50.0W,
    Loc:Romania :3:

  • I also scanned :3:

  • ich habe das Gefühl , dass 11474V noch schwächer geworden ist .

    vorher konnte ich einen -10dB bekommen , jetzt nichts mehr. :25:

    I have the feeling that 11474V has become even weaker.

    Before I could get a -10dB , now nothing. :25:

    1.80m Ch.Master Revolver 5 LNB

    IBU twin , Bulleye 10kHz, Kaonsat 13K, Inverto KaKuband,Kaband ( A)

    TBS6983; Openbox SX3 CI II ; Ustym 4K Pro ;GTMedia Combo; F15

  • From my place (2.2m) at 18.00 CET - no rain at this time - a bit sunny ...

  • This is my personal best for NWA Beam in these days. :90:

    North West Italy, Dish 4,2Mt not so well centered for KU, TBS 6908, SMW Q-PLL LNB, ADL Feed, but even before, I never completely reached this beam even it looks like so near my QTH :80: :80:

    Ku>DH 4,25M HH+OMT ADLx2 QPLL SMW-125Gib 28E+2Fracar 100 13/19E-2ChM 120 30W+5W
    C>2 OMT HV/LR+AVCOMM+4LNB NORSAT 3100F-BPF-4 (5G) on 4,25MT
    RotorFeed: C LR/HV+KU H/V

  • :3:

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