07.0°W Nilesat 301

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    Starting a new toppic here, thanks to member "satelliclub" on satellites.co.uk forum today: :73:

    12053 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S

    Bad news for me here: About -1.5dB more weaker signal than before with 2.2m, switched from Nilesat 201 ...

    ...too low signal (on TBS 6522) for showing video content:20:

    I would say one more switch from Nilesat 201. Not lockable at this time (6.7dB before): :92:

    12303 H 27500 5/6 DVB-S

    PS: Nilesat 301 launch and test toppic here.

  • sorry, reception impossible now with 180 cm in south bavaria now.........

    1 Lam. 180 stationäry on 26 east

    1 Gib. 150

    1 T90
    1 Gib. 125
    all together in multifeed with 28 lnb

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    Great elchromo! :76:

    Nothing changed this evening for me on this one (12053 V) - still no video content possible.

    First "smooth lock" with TBS 6522 on 12303 H - still "-10dB" in BS with TBS 6903 (4.3dB in manual scan). :72:

  • Hello,

    In Central Poland situation got "little" better than 201 but still no lock on any of new 301.

    201 is not even visible on spectrum vs 301

    Dish Mabo 180cm Ku 93.5*E-40.5*W(without 76.5*E and 78*E) Ku: Inverto Black Ultra Modified C: Kaonsat KS-N201G
    Prof 7301 S2, TBS 6983
    Poland, Lodz

  • Here 12054V stays around 7.0-7.5db most of the time. 12303H no lock early in morning, 5.0 during day, starts working fine after 10pm 5.5-6.0db

    3m 53E - 8W, 2.4m 68.5E - 47.5W
    Octagon SF8008, Edision OS MIO
    Western Finland (63N 22E)

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    First "smooth lock" with TBS 6522 on 12303 H

    ...and possible today in "manual PLS-trick"... :26.(too low signal for showing video content - still same on 12053 V)

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    My first "screenshot" on 12053 V - it needs 5.0dB+ with TBS 6522.

    In hope that 12303 H will follow next... :69:

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    Hi stephan94,

    thanks for your scan!

    In my opinion, 12284 V (6.7dB with 2.2m at this time) is still from Nilesat 201, because the signal not de-creases in my area, in comparison to 12053 V and 12303 H.

    Best regards


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    Danke schön für deine Antwort ,

    Du hast bestimmt recht

    ich hatte nur Flysat gelesen.

    Hier das Ergebnis mit IQMonitor pro

    Thank you for your answer,

    I'm sure you're right

    I had only read Flysat.

    Here is the result with IQMonitor pro

  • I also think that 12284 V belongs to 201, it is possible to see that the signal remains at the level of the other tranponders while 12054 V and 12303 H have a loss of about 3/4dBs.

    -Winegard Mesh 3.10m

    -Famaval 1.80m

    -Gibertini 1.25m

    -TBS6903 - TBS6902 - TBS6922TE - TBS5520SE

    -MediaKind RX8200

    -58ºW <>53ºE

    -KU + KA + C

    -Loc: Spain

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    In hope that 12303 H will follow next... :69:

    Just to let you know: both Nilesat 301 tp 12053 V and 12303 H without any signal via CS - only poor QPSK constellation visible - checked whole past week at my place with 2.2m (TBS 6903/TBS 6522).

    PS: Nilesat 201 tp with unchanged signal here [15 DVB-S tp lockable].

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    Thanks to "Nilesat-team" and I think they´re reading here :175: (I´m joking)

    I can see them again in spectrum...

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    Both Nilesat 301 tp 12053 V and 12303 H only "visible" in spectrum (TBS 6903).

    PS: "PLS-trick" with TBS 6522 card for manual lock on 12053 V without success yet.

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    Nilesat 301 tp 12053 V is getting more weaker in signal (wrong FEC in scan) during last two weaks at my place. Only weak constellation is visible on second tp 12303 H. :37:

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    Joking... (sorry for your click)

    ...signal increased on Nilesat 301 in comparison to Nilesat 201 signal at scan-time... :98:

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    No joke today.

    09.00 CET ...I call it "smooth" lock with TBS 6903 (can´t lock in manual scan - and even not with TBS 6522 - so my signal is < 3.8dB on TBS 6522) on 12053 V

    /observing this signal during day...

    19.20 CET - lockable again in BS with TBS 6903


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