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  • Good evening, qwer !

    I promised the deeply respected femi a long time ago to explain why pyramidal horns are poorly suited for irradiating offset antennas, but before that it was necessary to determine the position of the phase center in the mouth of the horn. This will be the subject of the next article.

    Moreover, you have made a very convenient toolkit for writing articles :73:

    Good luck and good health! :74:

  • FYI: I´ve re-moved "Comunity Guidelines" from article section and started a "new side" for "our" forum rules.

    Now "article area" is cleaned for new reports... :6:

    C-band: 55.5°West-68.5°East ORBITRON O-16 (4,9m) / X-band: 17.8°W-60.2°E KATHREIN CAS 120 (1,2m) / Ku-band: 61.0°West-80.0°East KATHREIN CAS 23 (2,2m)

    Ka-band A/B/C/D: 30.0°W-75.0°E KATHREIN CAS 018 (1,8m) / Ka-band band A 2x KATHREIN CAS 120 fix on 19.2°E and 42.0°E

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    Feeds: Invacom ADF_10 + 2 rings, XMW Ka-band Feed FD9000K / Waveguide Polariser: AV-COMM / Tuner: TBS 6925, TBS 6903, TBS 6903X, TBS 6522

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