Satdump & Syracuse 3A/B X Band beacons

  • Syracuse 3A, 49.0°E [incl] is on 7720.0MHz LHCP

    Syracuse 3B, 5.2° W is on 7705.0MHz LHCP

    These are screenshots from Satdump demodulating the beacons. The polariser was set for 8.4GHz RHCP so not good for 7.5GHz LH. 3A is close to the trees hence the lower signal there. The output is an encrypted binary stream.


    1.2m Prodelin 3122 az-el (Not in use) with one of:
    S: Helical feed, 0.8dB NF LNA, X: 1.2dB NF LNA, conical feed, Ku 12-18GHz: corrugated conical feed, 1.5dB NF LNA, Ku (Standard): SMW Q-PLL type C, Prodelin feed. Ku (Extended): 11.3GHz LO SMW & Prodelin Feed Ka: Gilat ex-ODU PLLs Gilat feeds, Ka 18-26.5GHz: Patriot feed, home made 4dB NF LNA, Ka DSN: Corrugated conical feed, 3dB NF Down-Converter

    1.8m PF, Polar mount with SMW Q-PLL type C or R, Precision/Elite feed
    40km East of London, UK

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