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  • Hallo ,

    Bis jetzt hatte ich kein Problem mit EBSpro mobile zu arbeiten ( mit Windows 10 + alte Handy)

    Jetzt bin ich mit einem neuen PC ( Windows 11) und auch einem neuen Handy

    Leider mit EBSPro mobile will es nicht mehr funktionieren ( Server not available)

    ich schaffe es nicht eine Verbindung zu bekommen ?

    was kann ich falsch machen ? ( hier Bilder)

    Until now I had no problem working with EBSpro mobile ( with Windows 10 + old mobile phone).

    Now I am with a new PC ( Windows 11 ) and also a new mobile phone.

    Unfortunately with EBSPro mobile it doesn't want to work anymore ( Server not available)

    I can't manage to get a connection ?

    what can I do wrong ? ( here pictures)

    1.80m Ch.Master Revolver 5 LNB

    IBU twin , Bulleye 10kHz, Kaonsat 13K, Inverto KaKuband,Kaband ( A)

    TBS6983; Openbox SX3 CI II ; Ustym 4K Pro ;GTMedia Combo; F15

  • Hi Stephan,

    it happened to me some time ago. I wrote to CJCR and he replied ".......Looks like you're running a service in your computer with the same port as EBSpro (8080). Try with 8081 or 8082 (Remember that you need to Disable/Enabled EBSpro Mobile Server after change the port in Options)......"

    I changed into 8081 port and it worked. So try it, but in case it doesn't work I think you should try different ports around 8080, like 8081....8082.....8079...8078.

  • I'm unsure if my test with EBS mobile 1.3 is valid in all situations. Regardless of the OS used and the phone, I think the steps I described on this link (right in this section- #10) might be valid.

    It should also be considered if the settings on the mobile are used to communicate with the outside, i.e., with the server.

    7 antennas,including 2 of 150cm,one T90 with 16 lnbs
    lnb:Inverto Black Ultra with scalar rings and many Ku lnbs,
    C-band LNB:ESX241,Galaxy Inovations,EuroStar,MTI 20K,NS741U C/Ku,Inverto Single C-band Flange,lnb Chaparral Servo Motor & Skew Control
    LNB Ka:R9216DF XWM,Hughes FSS 19.7-20.2 GHz,
    6 satellite receivers,2 Meters,
    7 PC cards(tbs6983,6903,6590,6522,6209,2603,6909X,6903X,6504),3 tuners usb-tbs5927,tbs5925 & SkyStar USB 2 HD,
    Satellite reception between 100.5E-50.0W,
    Loc:Romania :3:

  • Thank you for your answers.

    Today it works.

    I disconnected the cables from the TBS6983 and W11 and plugged them into the other 6983 on the old PC with W10.

    it worked.

    I reconnected the cables on the new PC with W11 and the Firewall this time asked if I authorised EBSPro Mobile

    and from then on it worked.

    Why the first time the firewall didn't ask me anything, I don't know.

    Now it works, that's the main thing.

    the mysteries of computing :79:

    1.80m Ch.Master Revolver 5 LNB

    IBU twin , Bulleye 10kHz, Kaonsat 13K, Inverto KaKuband,Kaband ( A)

    TBS6983; Openbox SX3 CI II ; Ustym 4K Pro ;GTMedia Combo; F15

  • Am Telefon muss die IP des PC eingetragen werden. Ich hatte jene einer Box eingetragen, weshalb es nicht funktionierte.

    Nicht vergessen, auch das Device muss gestartet werden (unten rechts am EBS screen)

    Wer nicht die Antennengröße und den ungefähren Standort angibt, postet sinnlos, sofern es um eine Signalerfassung geht.

    If you don't specify the antenna size and the approximate location, posting is useless if it's about signal acquisition.

  • I also use Windows 11. The problem only occurs when the mobile phone chooses the wrong Wi-Fi network, EBS pro and the mobile phone must be logged on to the same network and then everything works fine.

    Location: Croatia, Kutina (16,778E ; 45,485N)
    2,7m "Laminas" (Not in function :88: )

    1,8m "Prodelin" + VonWeise 24" (85E-34,5W)

    1,8m "Prodelin" + Egis Profi Tracker (polarmount mode testing)

    1.2m Echostar + 36V HH motor 93,5E-61W (154,5° Clark's orbit):34:
    0,75m Kathrain CAS75 offset + Premium X diseqc motor (90E-55,5W)
    Multi-Feed "Wave Frontier" Toroidal Antenna T90 (28,5E-0,8W)
    TBS 5927;TBS 5925;TBS 6903;Octagon SF8008;DM 8000

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