12.0°E Blagovest-4

  • First time I can see here something like a feed transmission. TC at scan time. Without PMT.

    PS: This is a circular frequency, so ignore my linear signal here. Probably someone else can check polarity...? :64:

    3673 R 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK

    /edit: Signal has left a few minutes later again.

    /edit2: confirming this signal in circular right by jaes (alias John on satellites.co.uk)

  • Btw. signal is on again (always sporadicly), but nothing to demulate at this time...but I´m on it (via PLS search)...

    Question: What did "RUSNI PIZDA" means...(seen on TC yestarday)...?

    /edit: I think, I know what the answer of my question is (via Google search)... probably it´s not from a russian transmission.......

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