Datasheet for STiD135

  • I found nothing on the STMicroelectronics Homepage

    but you can try contact at the bottom of this page.

    I think this is what you meant, and it should then become usable software....


    Wer nicht die Antennengröße und den ungefähren Standort angibt, postet sinnlos, sofern es um eine Signalerfassung geht.

    If you don't specify the antenna size and the approximate location, posting is useless if it's about signal acquisition.

    Dish & Location

    N 48.602 E 15.553

    240 Irte (Ku/C)

    180 Laminas stationär (KaEABCD/Ku/C/X)

    180 Laminas mobil (all)

    120 Laminas (Ku)

    100 (Ku, 1.9°E/7°E), 100 (Ku, 27.5°W), 85 (Ku, 13°E/16°E/19.2°E)

  • Does anyone have a datasheet for the STiD135?

    I only found a three page document with no details.

    That's typical of ST. They only release data to customers who sign an NDA and even then they don't want to talk to small companies.

    1.2m Prodelin 3122 az-el (Not in use) with one of:
    S: Helical feed, 0.8dB NF LNA, X: 1.2dB NF LNA, conical feed, Ku 12-18GHz: corrugated conical feed, 1.5dB NF LNA, Ku (Standard): SMW Q-PLL type C, Prodelin feed. Ku (Extended): 11.3GHz LO SMW & Prodelin Feed Ka: Gilat ex-ODU PLLs Gilat feeds, Ka 18-26.5GHz: Patriot feed, home made 4dB NF LNA, Ka DSN: Corrugated conical feed, 3dB NF Down-Converter

    1.8m PF, Polar mount with SMW Q-PLL type C or R, Precision/Elite feed
    40km East of London, UK

  • DVB Cards collector.

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    Thank you. :150:

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