Deep Space Network

  • Images

    - Wineguard Micromesh 3.10 m
    - Channel Master PFA 3.10 m
    - Laminas 1.80 m
    - 2 X Channel Master 1.80 m
    - Channel Master 2.40 m
    - KU, KU Ext.,Full KA, X, C & C Ext
    - TBS5925 -TBS6522 - TBS6983 - DTA2137CSXP
    - NS2000 - RX8200 - ADV-6000S
    - TM1 - TC1 - SR1 - MATRIX DEV1982
    - Promax TV II+

    - Dual Axis multi Antennas controller

    - EGIS - LNB Changer

    - Venture motorisations
    - 78.5°E (KU) <> 65°W (C)
    - Loc: France


  • Real time DSN and Near Space Network communication status:

    For James Webb Space Telescope ephemeris data:

    Horizons System

    Target body: JWST

    Observer Location: As required (e.g. 000 = Greenwich Observatory)

    Time Specification: As required

    Table Settings: As required but choose only 4 & 20 for simpler table of Az-El, distance & range rate. Range units can be AU or km.

    1.2m Prodelin 1224 az-el with one of:
    S: Helical feed, 0.8dB NF LNA, X: 1.2dB NF LNA, conical feed,
    Ku 12-18GHz: corrugated conical feed, 1.5dB NF LNA, Ku (Standard): SMW Q-PLL type C, Prodelin feed. Ku (Extended): 11.3GHz LO SMW & Prodelin Feed Ka: Gilat ex-ODU PLLs Gilat feeds, Ka 18-26.5GHz: Patriot feed, home made 4dB NF LNA, Ka DSN: Corrugated conical feed, home made 3dB NF Down-Converter

    1.5m IRTE, Polar mount with Octagon OSLO mod. C120, IRTE feed
    40km East of London, UK

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