05.0°E SES-5

  • qwer

    Do you Have Signal Here

    3667 L 2000 AIT Lagos

    3849 R 2400 Times TV

    :72: Okay, I will have a look after these, when I´m changing to circular setup soon...

    /edit: ...and changed very quickly... :26.

    3667 L 2000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK, AIT Lagos still active

    3849 R 2400, Times TV not active (at scan time)

    Not my catch - both with strong signal (appeared also in todays scan from stephan94 above):

    3920 L 1200 3/4 DVB-S2 QPSK, HIP TV - N Stanislav @ S Ugbeda on LyngSat 04.09.2022

    3922 L 1210 5/6 DVB-S2 QPSK, Liberty TV(Nigeria) - N Stanislav on LyngSat 11.09.2022

    C-band: 55.5°West-68.5°East ORBITRON O-16 (4,9m) / X-band: 17.8°W-60.2°E KATHREIN CAS 120 (1,2m) / Ku-band: 61.0°West-80.0°East KATHREIN CAS 23 (2,2m)

    Ka-band A/B/C/D: 30.0°W-75.0°E KATHREIN CAS 018 (1,8m) / Ka-band band A 2x KATHREIN CAS 120 fix on 19.2°E and 42.0°E

    C-band LNBs: Kaonsat, C-Panorama 13K, Norsat 8000RI C-DRO, BrasilSat LNBF AP30 PLL / X-band LNB: Norsat X1000HAF / Ku-band LNB: Invacom SNF-031, Inverto Single Flange / Ka-Band LNBs: Inverto Twin WHITE Ka Circular Dual Polarity LNB (flange), Inverto IDLK-SINL20-KAKU-OPP,MCL-KP04, Norsat 9000HX-O3B-BN, Orbital LNB1825F-1000D-WF55

    Feeds: Invacom ADF_10 + 2 rings, XMW Ka-band Feed FD9000K / Waveguide Polariser: AV-COMM / Tuner: TBS 6925, TBS 6903, TBS 6903X, TBS 6522

  • 3849 R 2400, Times TV not active (at scan time

    Maybe Left.. 🤔🤔🤔

    Location: Luxor - Egypt
    2.40cm/Ku-Band LNB: invrto black ultra from31.5°W
    To 103.0°E
    C-Band LNBs: Sam Tech 17 k From 34.5°W To 72.0°E
    C-Band LNBs: Sam Sat 17 k From 3.5°W To 105.5°E
    SRTONG 4920 HD - STAR SAT Exteram 2000 :71:

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