65.2°W Eutelsat 65 West A

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    a quick BS, nothing new

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    just FYI, the cinecolor promo has left 4650 H but the TP is still active

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    scans of the day

    4507V has left, nothing new 4650 H

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    2 new TXP active in V

    4534 (DATA, copy of 4583) and 4650 V SR 55000 copy of 4670 V

    can't lock them all

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    4732 H Emitec Programs

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    Thx to John

    4688 H 3750 2/3

    tvnova ant TV Alepe

    probably on test video is not really good...

    and in V

    4613 V 6400 2/3

  • plenty new ctive frequencies since my last scan

    mosr oof them are for RECORD, I can't lock them all now

    I let you complete this if you want :)

  • 4556 v 2082 5/6 GLET & NCN

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