26.0°E Badr-5 <West Africa>

  • Current signal, using TBS 6903 and 2.2m on: 12283 V and 12303 H.

  • Here are my night signals for West Africa Beam

    Ku>DH 4,25M HH+OMT ADLx2 QPLL SMW-125Gib 28E+2Fracar 100 13/19E-2ChM 120 30W+5W
    C>2 OMT HV/LR+AVCOMM+4LNB NORSAT 3100F-BPF-4 (5G) on 4,25MT
    RotorFeed: C LR/HV+KU H/V

  • My morning reception with 2.2m.

  • Reception +/ 7 dB : Edison OS mio 4K + Octagon SF8008 + Technomate TM-5402 HD M3 CI + TBS 5927

    MBC pakket on tp : 12284 V 27500

    On the NW Africa Beam
    with Channel Master 180 cm

    from Belgium

  • Heute nachmittag was ich bekommen kann

    This afternoon what I can receive

    1.80m Ch.Master Revolver 5 LNB

    IBU twin , Bulleye 10kHz, Kaonsat 13K, Inverto KaKuband,Kaband ( A)

    TBS6983; Openbox SX3 CI II ; Ustym 4K Pro ;GTMedia Combo; F15

  • Current signal with 2.2m on: 12284 V and 12303 H.

    According LyngSat on Badr-8 - and only CA beam remain on Badr-5. :69:

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