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    3987 L 12854 - Locked Via BS at -10dB - No chance in CS. Signal jumping to 12,2dB

    In L, not all TPX in one trying


    Now, after some trying, it's gone.

    It's Data. Thank you for moving in Data Section --->done by qwer

    P.S. I've seen in Data Section, already Locked by Feci01 on Sept. 5th via BS

    Now, analyzing Linear H - Including BS

    4078 H 1855 New, I Think

    4018 H 2843 New, I Think

    4001 H 15756 New, I Think

    3970 H 2105 New, I Think

    3961 H 2249 New, I Think

    3838 H 2959 Changed SR, I Think - Now Lockable

    3778 H 19042 New, I think

    3952 H 307 New, I Think


    3780 V 1000 2/3 DVB-S2 8PSK - DIRA TV (Moved from 3936 V, I think)

    3905 V 2900 3/4 DVB-S2 QPSK - MINI PACKAGE SUNNA+SALT (Moved from 4079 V, I think)

    3908 V 1842 5/6 DVB-S2 QPSK - CLOUDS MINI PACKAGE (BLACK SCREEN ON TV) (Moved from 4082 V, I Think)

    3961 V 1777 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK- SILVERBIRD MINI PACKAGE (Moved from 3894 V, I Think)

    4135 V 1281 5/6 DVB-S QPSK - Now, HOS TV Global

    4126 V 267 3/4 DVB-S QPSK - Radio Service - (Maybe New)

    4112 V 2432 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK - Channel Ten (Moved from 4133 V, I Think)

    In the last ten days, on vacation, I wanted to fix all the InDoor management of my system, especially for wanting to tidy up the cables and devices.

    I have prepared a LAN cabinet in which I have inserted my most used systems and therefore, in addition to the Sat reception, also the network devices.

    As far as Sat reception is concerned, I wanted to try to use a 16-port design 1.1 Diseqc and a 4-output bypass, aware that to try everything together (different receivers), independently, I would have to equip myself with a serious multiswitch system which, however, I don't currently have scheduled as an expense.

    Contrary to what I thought, with Diseqc and bypass, I must say that I do not detect signal losses, at least verifying with systems such as Crazyscan or EBSPro (it would take a serious field meter), and they are in line with the previous reception of the saved Blind scans.

    Here I insert some shots that summarize:

    The LAN cabinet, the Network components (POE Switch, Firewall, 24-port Lan Switch), the Router is positioned above the Cabinet. RC2000C positioner with 2 motor management , 36V superjack positioner , n. 2 last decoders that I'm testing. I have to complete by inserting two more Echostar DVR 7000 and Nokia Mediamaster 9600 memorabilia (I also own Echostar LT 8700 which I will perhaps showcase + several other old Decs now antique)

    Photo also of the back of the PC that I use for the Sat with TBS 6983 + TBS 6908.

    In the closet there is also a TBS 5925 connected to the 4.2Mt Rotor Feed to move the Feed System for which I use a Stab 120 Rotor and I use a SmartDVB App to manage it precisely through the TBS 5925.

    Another shot of the station, the TV system with cable for Skyq and Hotbird cable that goes to the TV, and the surround system.

    Cables coming down from the roof, No. 19 developed as follows:

    Dish 100 cm Hotbird -> LNB DCSS + 3 Legacy -> SKY + TV (Legacy) + Studio (Legacy) + Diseqc port 8 (Legacy)

    Dish 100 cm Astra 19,2 -> LNB Inverto Black ultra single output on Diseqc port 6

    Dish Channel Master 120 dish on 5 ° West -> LNB Inverto Black Ultra single output on Diseqc port 7

    Dish Gibertini 125 dish on Astra 28,2 -> LNB Inverto Black Ultra single output on Diseqc port 5

    Dish DH 4,2Mt -> OMT ADL + 2 LNB QPLL SMW for KU Band (One cable for H, one cable for V) on Diseqc ports 9 and 10

    Dish DH 4,2Mt -> OMT AVCOMM + 2 LNB PLL Norsat 3120 (One cable for H, one cable for V) on Diseqc ports 1 and 2

    Dish DH 4,2Mt -> OMT AVCOMM + WAVE GUIDE AVCOMM + 2 LNB PLL Norsat 3120 (One cable for L, one cable for R) on Diseqc ports 3 and 4

    Cable for TBS 5925 as above

    N. 5 surplus cables, already crimped, both above and below, available for further new situations