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    I can't believe that no one but my colleague Femi showed interest in making a beam pattern diagram. I am ready to help if you do not understand what it is and how to do it.

    The precision of the beam pattern measurement is directly related to the number of motor pulses, if you enter the wrong value the result will not be correct. If you do not know how many impulses your motor has per degree, count how many you need to the neighboring satellite at a distance of 3° and divide the result by 3

    The beam pattern value can only be measured on a moving system. The size of the antenna and the number of motor pulses per degree of displacement must be entered into the program

    I was almost certain that your answer would be like this. The left diagrams were made with IQ Pro version while the right diagrams were made with IQ version

    The antenna Prodelin 0179-189 from one part is very good and with the help of your fantastic Parabola6 program I made a completely new LNB mount to get perfect focus..

    I also use Windows 11. The problem only occurs when the mobile phone chooses the wrong Wi-Fi network, EBS pro and the mobile phone must be logged on to the same network and then everything works fine.

    Dear Mr. Filatov! I recently realized that beam pattern measurement gives different results in IQ and IQ Pro

    Which version gives the correct results?

    far far away

    The same satellite was searched with the program IQ monitor, a very powerful tool for analysis, all parameters are accurately displayed, although there is a lot, very much missing for reception. With spectrum calibration, the RF signals are very noticeable.

    Today scan Turksat with Prodelin 1,8m. I can catch the Turkish beam only with an additional adjustment of the skew position 42E, the reception reacts drastically to the slightest shift...

    I am aware that there is a war there and I am increasingly worried about our friend. I will be happy if you contact us again soon...

    My scan with Prodelin 180cm & Bullseye 10kHz PLL



    2=Ku band 10,9-11,7 GHz







    1=10981,V,44940,23,1,|14.2 (9.84) dB

    2=11044,V,44990,45,21,|14.8 (10.12) dB

    3=11106,H,44990,45,21,|13.4 (8.72) dB

    4=11106,V,44990,45,21,|13.1 (8.42) dB

    5=11168,V,35000,34,22,|12.3 (4.39) dB

    6=11481,V,44990,45,21,|13.6 (8.92) dB

    7=11481,H,44990,45,21,|13.4 (8.72) dB

    8=11543,V,44990,23,1,|12.7 (8.34) dB

    9=11543,H,44990,45,21,|12.2 (7.52) dB

    10=11606,H,44990,45,21,|12.8 (8.12) dB

    11=11606,V,44990,45,21,|13.6 (8.92) dB

    12=11659,V,29990,89,150,|12.3 (1.31) dB

    This is a letter that arrives years after it was sent. I found these pictures in my archive, the reception was achieved with the MZT mesh parabola of 3 meters. I don't currently have a large antenna to test the current situation.