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    I also think that 12284 V belongs to 201, it is possible to see that the signal remains at the level of the other tranponders while 12054 V and 12303 H have a loss of about 3/4dBs.

    Why did you decide that the antennas are not aimed at nearby satellites? Explain, please, what arguments and facts led you to such an INCORRECT conclusion.

    Moreover, in the condition of the problem it is directly indicated that the satellites are nearby ...

    I didn't see the clue that they would be nearby satellites and picture nº2 creates the illusion that there is a distance in the azimuth of about 20º.

    Now it is possible to see the antenna pointed at 90E with a rotation of 90º, for me it is the best point of reference to solve the puzzle.

    I have already pointed antennas inverted 180º but curiously I had never experimented with just 90º, good bet.

    Apparently antennas 1 and 2 do not seem to be pointed at nearby satellites and the 90E antenna that would be the best point of reference is in an inverted position and completely hidden in the pictures.

    If I have to guess again I would say it will be somewhere around 50E but if I exclude the Russian satellites I can't be more specific.

    Thanks femi for your suggestion but for now and due to my location I'm more interested in the sub-band D.

    Thanks s-band can you tell me if XMW feeds fits with Norsat lnbs?

    Regarding the Gilat AN8004 it seems to be a good option that I was unaware of, can you confirm that it is effective for sub-band D with quality?

    Thanks strannik for the suggestions, these Inverto lnbs would be my first option but unfortunately they haven't been available for a long time and whoever bought them when they were there doesn't sell them at all.

    I need help, I want to start exploring Ka band but it's hard to find an lnb + feed, does anyone here on the forum have any extra they want to sell or can tell me where to find a new or used lnb Ka band D (21.20 / 22.20GHz)?

    I will be grateful for any help.