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    I want to tell you about my success of successfully decoding of Generic Streams (GS) under certain requirements.

    It's possible with help of a Cine S2 V7a. However I already got successfull reports with TBS 6903X. For decoding those GS it's necessary to receive the complete Baseband Frames (Bframes).

    Older cards like e.g. TBS 6903 (without X) were not able to receive the BBFrames completely.

    Both cards mentioned above have a modus that encapsulates the BBFrames into a psuedo TS. You can reconstruct a complete BBframe out of the payload of multiple TS packets.

    Exact datails about the pseudo TS you can find here:

    I can't guarentee that a faultless decdoing is able with all GS muxes. For TBS6903x it was also necessary to patch the driver.

    The stuff actually only works under linux and with commandline tools only.

    Meanwhile I was successfull to decode both DAB bundesmuxes on 23°East as well as the NRK DAB muxes on 1°West.

    On 33°East there's also a mini mux on 12544 V 1703 5/6 8PSK

    As Generic streams mostly IPv4 is used for broadcast content and is transmitted from/to a multicast address using UDP protocol.

    All other Generic Streams I found so far are usual internet traffic and is not of interest for us.

    Ich habe meine bzw. die angepassten Tools inzwischen auf github veröffentlicht:

    I published my or rather modified tools on github:

    bbframe-tools: pts2bbf for decapsulating the Pseudo TS, bbfudpdecap for extraction of GS UDP streams out of the BBframes.

    eti-tools: I extrended it with a tool called bbfedi2eti for the DAB muxes

    gsextract-b8: can created a pcap file for wireshark out of the BBframes, unfortunately still buggy. I had to modify the original tool gsextract because I add a Sync byte 0xB( in front of each BBframe.

    I think Feedsat has an Ayecka box that also can do GSE. I don't have an lnb for ka-band B, so I can't check Thor on 1°West.

    Most GS feeds with high SR I checked so far, were internet traffic only :(

    pipino can you point me at some gs feeds that contain broadcast feeds? Most GS transponders I found so far transmit regular internet traffic.

    The only regular broadcast feeds in gs I found so far was:

    - DAB Bundesmux on 23.5°East

    - DAB NRK on 1°West

    - TG24 on 33°East

    Thanks for that screenshot, Very interesting to see, that also on the other side of the globe, Multistream is in use.

    Is it the only mux over there?

    Hey Peon,

    that sounds really intersting. Which manufacturer produced your antena?

    It's a segment dish, so is ku-band reception also efficient?

    I always wondered why there are no more Fibo/Gregorian antenas on the market any more.

    The method is called MPE. Linux even offers a virtual network interface. You can analyze the stream with wireshark or tcpdump or open up multicast addresses via vlc.

    The package dvb-tools contains a util called dvbnet, it supports MPE oder ULE (with the -U argument) however so far I didn't see any ULE stream. Dvbsnoop is also useful for checking which ip addresses and ports are used

    First you need to set up dvbnet to listen on the pid. then you need to set hw ether address and Ip address for the created virtual interface and enable it. You need to call this command twice, first call will give an error. Here is an example for pid 101:

    dvbnet -p 101

    ifconfig dvb0_0 hw ether 00:01:02:03:04:05 promisc up

    ifconfig dvb0_0 hw ether 00:01:02:03:04:05 promisc up

    route add -net netmask dev dvb0_0

    echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/rp_filter

    echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/dvb0_0/rp_filter

    For closing you need to set the interface down before you can remove it.

    ifconfig dvb0_0 down

    dvbnet -d 0

    Interneting streams for us use a multicast ipaddress, that means first octet is between 224-239

    I've also seen MPE streams were the source and not the destination ip is multicast.

    You could try to set the interface to the unicast destination ip and listen to this ip via vlc then.


    Original von satesco
    12554 V,2000,1/2,Dvb-S2/QPSK,ACM,Single-new GS

    I can get a lock on this transponder but absolutely no data.

    Can anyone see any pids active?


    Original von EnoSat
    next interesant on 5 West - 11450H
    two stream in one TS

    Finally I'm able to deprocess this stream using a DigitalDevices CineS2 V7a.

    It's GSE with 2 UDP multicast streams. These streams contain a TS each. One is skytg24, the other one was a Testcard when I checked last time.
    I will publish a GSE decoder when I finished it, ATM only a sunset is implemented to decode this mux.
    If you know more streams like this please tell me.