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    Here is my reception from Rome (1mt dish, LNB BU). The first frequency is not lockable, while the other two I can get them with a sufficient level.

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    Hi, my passion for satellite, video, audio and photography made me start working (with some luck) in television. I'm not an engineer but a self taught enthusiast. Really I found out that technology and digital tv is so complicated and wide. At the moment I have a modest knowledge about DVB, DAB, satellite signals, digital and analog trasmissions, but I repeat not like an engineer. Anyway my first time I had a satellite commercial set (classic 80cm dish + analog receiver) it was 1994. I keep on understanding digital trasmission in TX and RX. One thing is to receive a signal, other one is to transmit.....I understood a lot of new things ! Today digital technology on tv uses most of the signals via IP and via Sat. What we watch on TV is a long path from the origin to the final destination. It's not a simple transmit to the satellite (or via terrestrial) directly. The signal has to pass through encoders, signal generators, HPA (High Power Amplifier), often via rtmp or Zixi encoders, till the final direct signal received by a STB. Anyway I will try to give my personal contributions to help someone to have a comparison with signals and other things, with its own satellite system, around the world.