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  • Hi, strannik

    Thanks, for the great program you are developing.

    If you are interested, I have translated the instructions into Italian. You can download them from here: http://frequencyplansatellites…

    I would also like to point out that in the boxes where a DiSEqC command can be sent, the fifth box is not enabled. If you try to send a command with 5 bits, only the first 4 bits are actually sent.

    Furthermore, if the DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 commands (if enabled), were sent at every start of the spectrum or blindscan ... It would be very useful on multifeed systems. Also because when the software starts, it does not send any command to the switches, for example if DiSEqC is configured on port B / A (3) and by default the switch enables port A / A (1), to force the switch on port 3, have to send it manually via the Send button (by setting the command first), or set it again from the box ... otherwise the switch remains blocked on port 1.

    Best regards, Francesco

    • Caro Francesco!

      Innanzitutto, vorrei congratularmi con te per la meravigliosa vittoria della nazionale italiana: è stata una partita meravigliosa e piena di drammi.

      E ora sugli affari.

      Voglio creare una chiave per il programma IQmonitor Pro per te, ma, sfortunatamente, non riesco a trovare le tue coordinate geografiche da nessuna parte...

      Vi sarei grato se potete farmi sapere per formare la vostra chiave.

      Grazie. In bocca al lupo a te e 36°6!


    • hola hermano que tal mi gustaria hablar con tigo