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    Hi Satesco👋

    Thanks for the answer 🤝

    Let me install Ubuntu for myself. Which version should I install?

    And another question: Is it possible to record a BB-frame stream with NeumoDVB?


    Thanks for showing the experience using the 6903x, I couldn't do that using IQM. And in Linux, I also still can’t mount Neumodvb (Cmake txt when installing, the text is red), which probably indicates some kind of error. P.S. Is it possible to record a GSE stream on Neumodvb?

    Hello Femi!

    I have tried all versions of IQM. They work with the (USB) TBS5580 card without problems, but no version of IQM works with the TBS6903x.

    P.S. Another thing I don’t like about the program is that its working windows open and move separately.

    Hi all!

    The QMonitor program does not work for me with the TBS6903x. All Windows programs cannot work correctly with this card, which is why I switched to Linux. So far I have not solved the problem with installing Neumodvb.


    Hello! 👋

    I'm new to Linux, so it's a little difficult for me to figure out how to install the NeumoDVB program. I have a question for dear users of this program: Is the program installed on the DragonOS X33 system? And is it possible to use this program to record a GSE stream using a TBS6903X card?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!