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    satesco 11500V works in Wide beam, not CA beam.

    Strangely, FlySat places it in Central Asia. If it were on a Wide beam, then superdish66 would have captured it, too, with his big antenna(see his spectrum).

    Besides, the ATV station covering Central Asia seems to be in Kuwait. Whatever area it covers, you should be able to catch it in your area.

    At least the maps show that 11500 V has good coverage, although this is the first time I've locked it.

    Of course, I don't want to be right at all costs. But what I said before still holds: this position is challenging for ambitious dxer to catch signals on all beams. I hope you might agree with me on that. :3:

    11500 V,3100,2/3,8PSK-Atv-Aladalah

    I caught another "prey"/mux from the Central Asia spot. With 11528 V, I hope to "hook" other muxes from other spots/continents. Exaggerating a bit, this position is a test for those who think they are dxers. Of course, I can't hope for more with my antenna.

    All I can do is watch the scenery and "the actors" (from Europe) coming into the frame. :3:

    Now Locked

    4183 L 12000 - Data, Signal Jumping (S2X?)


    The question mark on the spectrum might indicate the presence of the S2x extension, but since your dx arsenal is missing this type of card, you won't know exactly what parameters the mux has and others. That's why I was surprised you have large antennas(enviable) and are straddling the orbit from one extreme to another without being equipped with the necessary devices. And even more so for the one with large antennas, a device with an S2X extension for a dx is a MUST. A large antenna requires sophisticated devices.

    I say a cliche, but with the antenna, we discover the "object" of our searches, and with our devices, we investigate the object and its content. More such devices are available..... :3:

    Thanks for the table and for the info. I thought about this spot because of which the signal is weak, although it is strong on this polarity. Unfortunately, I have problems with the signal due to terrestrial interference. Because of this, the signal is unstable no matter how strong it is, varying by as much as 6 dB. You can compare the signal in the previous picture and the one in the current one. It is a big difference, which says everything about the difficulties I have to have a normal reception, even with a small antenna in this position.

    62.0E is a curse for my antenna and location due to several physical factors that negatively influence any reception.

    With great difficulty, I managed to lock 11504 vertically.

    Now try this mux in your area. Thanks again :74:


    11504 H,1500,1/4,S2-Data, new.

    It's definitely coming from the Middle East spot. At least I think so. Someone (Kypros_Pambou?, KooLy?) has to confirm it

    Situation from North West Italy with my current setup

    Middle East Beam, in lower band, almost not reachable (maybe not all Freqs. have been intercepteb by CS).

    The only Freq. lockable and stable 11555 V 30000 and some GS


    11494 H,64000,1/4,s2 (on spectrum & FS) has left. :3:

    Was ist so besonders an ZAP Viva Internacional auf 12736 V, ausser Multistream und wie viel dB braucht es zum

    Empfang des Programms? Warum werden trotz gut 5 dB keine weiteren Parameter wie SR oder FEC eingelesen?

    In itself, Zap Viva is nothing special, but it becomes such, as all muxes that cannot be locked are special because they are hard to catch from the location we are in. For example, Middle East or Central Asia spots are special for Europeans, and vice versa.

    Let's not forget that we are on a dxes forum. That's why everything posted here is special. :3:

    In my area, the signal on Eutelsat 10.0B spots looks like this, on the spectrum, than in Western Europe, a signal is locked with Crazyscan(6983 card) and neumoDVB(6903x card).

    I thought these days that 12506 H, Radio Maria, had left, especially as I noticed that many users couldn't find it, but I see now that it is active.

    12580 H,2850,32/45,(S2x)/16APSK-Data, new,

    12583 H,2850,32/45,(S2X)/16aPSK-Data, new.

    I tried to find more muxes in S2x on the upper band at 57.0E with the 6903x card under Windows 11. What Crazyscan found and locked can be seen on the spectrum. Considering that the signal is from the Middle East spot, I think it's a small success what I found.

    But I used the same card on Linux with neumoDVB, and as you can see on the spectrum app, 6903x detected more muxes than on Windows. I would say that on Linux with neumoDVB, the 6903x card behaves and performs as well as the 6983 card on Windows.

    I should also add that there are a few muxes that I could not lock although they are active.

    Notice to those users with big antennas, with the recommendation to use a card with demod stid135.

    Happy birthday, @Wellikan. :150:

    I wish you good health and may catch in your new location as many difficult-to-lock frequencies as when you were further east. :51: