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    12671 H,4761,5/6,8PSK-new

    I think 12671 H is from the Asia spot. I thought it might be from the Africa beam, but it would be too lovely to be true. But even so, it's still a valuable "catch" no matter where it comes from

    With IQmonitor, I found other frequencies, but the parameters changed due to fluctuating signals or some tests.

    Without being sure of these, I'll post them anyway so that those interested have at least some search benchmarks if they want to check.

    12240 H,65336,1/4,S2/S2X,0.15-GS, new

    Although the parameters are for a GS without extension, TSAnalyzer indicates the presence of an S2X mux.

    I can't get it directly(S2X) on the constellation because my signal is no stronger than 8.5dB at most.

    And some spikes in the upper band.

    From the Algeria spot, I get some muxes, but only two I can lock. :3:

    11098 H,25000,3/5,8PSK-GS, locked,

    11166 H,2115,8/9,16APSK-GS,new symbol rate,

    11173 H,2134,2/3,16APSK-nolock,

    11182 H,2139,3/4,32APSK-nolock.

    5.0W_12564 V,35300,2/3,8PSK, Root 16416-Stream 11 - RAI Mux DAB+, new mux

    DAB+ RAI (0x5001)

    0 : Rai Radio1 (0x5201) Pri subch= 1 start= 0 CUs= 84 PL=eep-3a bitrate=112 DAB+

    1 : Rai Radio2 (0x5202) Pri subch= 2 start= 84 CUs= 84 PL=eep-3a bitrate=112 DAB+

    2 : Rai Radio3 (0x5203) Pri subch= 3 start=168 CUs= 84 PL=eep-3a bitrate=112 DAB+

    3 : Rai GrParlamento (0x5206) Pri subch= 4 start=252 CUs= 42 PL=eep-3a bitrate=56 DAB+

    4 : Rai Isoradio (0x5209) Pri subch= 5 start=294 CUs= 78 PL=eep-3a bitrate=104 DAB+

    5 : RaiTuttaItaliana (0x5207) Pri subch= 6 start=372 CUs= 78 PL=eep-3a bitrate=104 DAB+

    6 : Rai R Classica (0x5205) Pri subch= 7 start=450 CUs= 78 PL=eep-3a bitrate=104 DAB+

    7 : Rai Radio1 Sport (0x520f) Pri subch= 8 start=528 CUs= 48 PL=eep-3a bitrate=64 DAB+

    8 : Rai R Techete' (0x52f1) Pri subch=10 start=576 CUs= 66 PL=eep-3a bitrate=88 DAB+

    9 : RaiR Live Napoli (0x52f2) Pri subch=11 start=642 CUs= 78 PL=eep-3a bitrate=104 DAB+
    10 : Rai Radio Kids (0x52f3) Pri subch=12 start=720 CUs= 66 PL=eep-3a bitrate=88 DAB+

    11 : No Name Radio (0x520a) Pri subch=13 start=786 CUs= 78 PL=eep-3a bitrate=104 DAB+


    RAI_DAB+ with neumoDVB under Linux

    Test with IQmonitor v. for the 6909x card at 19.0E.

    femi and other users, myself included, who have used 6903x/6909x cards, agree that scanning with IQmonitor takes a very long time, which reduces the interest in using these cards more often with this app.

    Unfortunately, despite @Strannik's willingness to improve his app for these cards, he could not do much for it because he did not have 6903x/6909x available.

    If you want to get familiar with IQmonitor with 6903x, try a satellite with a DTH signal, like I did this time.

    But I'm sure it's not the type of signal you're particularly interested in, but satellites with multiple spots, uneven signal, and using the parameters for the S2X-extension cards.

    I will do such tests with 6909x on such satellites.

    Because the IQm 1030 version cannot save the list of transponders found, I only post the screenshot with the spectrum obtained, including the settings chosen to scan. Maybe another better configuration can be selected to get a better result.

    I want to add some news and additions to your list of PLS codes: :3:

    What's new is 12648 V,29500,8/9,8PSK, and the "classic" 121212. now you can also use PLS Root:143816 for all MIS,

    12605 V,35300,2/3,8PSK, PLS Root code:16416 for all MIS, streams MIS 4, MIS 5, MIS 6, new-activated now.

    12627 V, PLS Root code:16416 for all MIS.


    The RAI MIS on 11013 V,35300,2/3,8PSK has left Eutelsat 5West. There is no signal trace on this frequency.

    Here is what I found muxes are active at 5.0W in my area.

    Here's latest scan. Something appeared on 3566R DVBS2/8PSK 2916 3/4. Can somebody check? satesco torrex12  feci01


    I hope to be able to test the eastern side of the arch soon.

    I got a 5G lnb (anti-inter) for testing, which works between 3800-4200.

    I will try an older lnb, but I don't expect to get good, conclusive results, especially as my antenna is right next to a forest of mobile antennas (for 4 and 5G), which kills any enthusiasm and hope.

    But luckily, curiosity is stronger than hope, and who knows...

    Regards :3:

    Hi qwer, :3:

    I was wondering if you tried using the 4.9m antenna in Ku-band as well.

    You might have received the first feed from Far Asia or other remote areas(!?).

    Another way to listen to DAB+ streams is via the "Streaming services and muxes" function that deeptho has implemented in the latest version of neumoDVB.

    This function can use muxes for stream services via UDP, which can be unicast or multicast.

    Here is what the German DAB mux looks like with neumoDVB on 12567 V,17016,3/4 at 7.0E: