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  • Hi @satesco

    mam pytanie co do tego tr.

    Czy mam szansę na odbiór na jakimkolwiek tunerze z E2

    czy w GTMedia?

    Czy tylko karta dvb odbierze ten tr.?


    11609 V,5723,8/9,16APSK_checked Transmisja SiminnTV. ...

    • Hi, torrex12 :3:

      I don't have GTMedia, but DM920 UHD. The receiver sees this mux 11609 V only as Data.

      Maybe I'm wrong but I don't know if such a receiver can be used for this particular stream.


  • Hello satesco,
    Could you help me with the satellite DAB radio reception? Is there a description regarding this? I've seen your videos on YouTube, that's why I reached out to you
    Thank you for your help in advance!

    • Hi, feci01,

      You can receive DAB+ radio if you have one of the Linux distributions installed. I work on Ubuntu, now version 22.04.

      I don't know if DAB is possible on Windows.

      I will try to open a thread about DAB+.

      Kind regards,


  • Dokładnie to miałem na myśli :)

    Myślałem, że to inna strona

    aby dodac nowy tr.

    Trzeba się zarejestrować?

    Dziękuję Ci

    • On the page in the picture where you have to fill in each field, there are two fields you must fill in, your nickname and email address. By the way, It is also mandatory that each field with an asterisk must be filled in.

      You don't need anything else if it hasn't changed. But I don't think so.

      Regards :3:

  • Hi @satesco

    Mam pytanie do ciebie

    Zauważyłem, że niektórzy DX-mani są wpisywani na Flysat, jeśli znajdą nowy transponder.

    Czy możesz przesłać mi link, gdzie można uzyskać takie informacje o wiadomościach satelitarnych?

    Pozdrawiam @torrex

    • I hope I understood your Polish question correctly; If you want to know where to send reports and how to update transponders on FlySat; then please look at the UIpdate interface to FlySat, where you fill in the underlined fields, then press: Send.

  • Good day

    Many thanks about yours test of 6902se RE: tbs6902se

    What (so old) version of app SmartDVB are you using and what video decoder (it occupies all VideoRAM)? I propose to download last x64 version and use LAV Video Decoder with DXVA2(native) hardware acceleration for TURKSAT_8K?

  • hello costel ,

    can i use one of your capture in a forum we are discussing the same subject ??

    best regards


  • Hello,

    i am looking for an expert advice , i am thinking to buy a new pc satcard but a bit confused what model i should get !

    this =…liten-TV-Karte-TBS-6903-X


    this =…b-s2x-full-spectrum?c=156

    what do you think ?

    realy appreciated

    Best regads


    • Hi Pedro,

      I don't know what advice to give you,because it's your money and I wouldn't want you to be disappointed with my recommendation.And besides,I haven't tested any DD cards to make sure I'm not wrong.So I can't compare the two cards,and then draw pertinent/right conclusions.

      If you want to know about this card and 6909X,I've done a review for RDI forum with my nick-satelescu.

      I'm sorry it's in Romanian and not English,but you'd probably get an idea of how this card is,using Google translator?

      I hope to help.

      Kind regards,


    • hello Costel ,

      million thanks for your reply ..i will visit your romanian forum i dont think a tanslation should be a problem ...thanks again for your great contribution to the community ..have a great day


    • Hi Pedro,

      Yeah,you can use my catch if it helps what you want to prove.

      I must admit,I'm curious to see how you use iptv with your device,Novra?



    • thank you ,

      the novra device i have is the old receiver used in one hospitals in spain they are using the odin F50 from forsway wich i managed to have in my workshop for 24hours then i saw all the details used frequency etc ..right now they are capturing the iptv signal with an old amino box using analog modulation! they requested to improve the signal because the picture was very poor (analog you imagine) so i found a way usuing polytron modulator to convert UDP to DVBT

    • Hi Pedro,

      No matter what model you have or have used,it's important to see how it works.I think it would be the first time on this forum,but also on others,when someone will show how to use such a device.Until now only dvb cards could demonstrate how an iptv works.

      I'm waiting for you to be the first to show us with your device,no matter how.The Important for us,it's learning how to do it.