Community Guidelines

Our forum is operated as a "Satellite reception" platform and we put a great emphasis on an appropriate and respectful interaction with each other. To ensure this, we must insist on compliance with certain basic rules and reserve the right to block or delete users and content if they violate these rules.

General Communication

  1. Respectful interaction with each other.
    Behind every virtual discussion partner is a real person that, no matter the circumstances, always deserves to be respected. This is especially true whenever opinions and views diverge.

    Insults or other statements which are suitable to disparage the other person, or their views, are inappropriate without exceptions.
  2. Stand by your written word.
    Everyone has their own ideas about how something should look or work. They also have the right to express their own opinion, but this works both ways, you’ll have to accept that not everybody will agree to anything you wrote.
  3. Friendly attitude towards others.
    You may or may not know every participant of the forums, however, we strongly encourage everyone to keep the atmosphere friendly and informal.
  4. Properly written texts are important.
    We regard appropriate spelling and grammar as a minimum level of respect, enabling others to understand your thoughts quickly and easily. Formatting, especially text colors, should be used sparingly, and the use of paragraphs are strongly recommended to make it easier for readers to follow along.

    There are more than enough freely available tools to have your texts corrected. Being in hurry or "typing fast" is never a valid argument for illegible texts! Keep in mind that others also take some of their valuable time to read your text.
  5. Written words are easy to misinterpret.
    When communicating with a person, gestures and facial expressions are usually used to clarify the intended meaning of potentially ambiguous statements. It’s very easy to get written words the wrong way, especially if statements can be interpreted differently depending on the context. Smileys are barely a substitute, because even these can easily be misunderstood.

    This applies even more to irony or sarcasm, not only is it difficult for a discussion partner to classify them correctly, but it can also be very alienating to third parties. A statement like "You’re a moron." can range between a “friendly insult” and a straight verbal assault, making it very easy to irritate others.
  6. Abbreviations are often anything but helpful.
    The use of abbreviations in typical expressions such as "e.g." can save time for both the writer and the reader. Nevertheless, they should be used sparingly, especially if it can be assumed that not everyone is familiar with this abbreviation. Contributions in the forum are likely to be read by third parties many years later and should then still be understandable.
  7. Accept that others will disagree.
    The guiding principle "Opinions are like noses - everyone has one" precisely describes a fundamental problem: regardless of the topic, there will always be someone with an opposing view. In some cases, discussions may reach a point where any attempt to find a common ground becomes futile.

    If this happens, it is highly recommended to agree to disagree, and to move on, there is simply nothing to gain from fighting this over. Repeating the same arguments over and over often leads to avoidable conflicts in which neither side can win anything. Don’t try to have the last word at all cost, instead call it a day and move on.

Unwanted Contents

Our forum deals primarily with Satellite reception and the more general focus is very much on the technology and its handling. We would like to give all users the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions in our forums, including but not limited to contrary opinions on these topics.

Unfortunately, the proper moderation of content apart from the core topic can become quite challenging for us, therefore we exercise our right as operators of this forum to remove excessively controversial contributions, or those that fall under the following listed characteristics, from the discussion flow.

  1. No posting of keys or links to keys.
    Don´t upload screenshots showing encrypted services in clear.
  2. No advertising.
    This regulation includes the advertising of websites, forums, services or other products. "Referral" links are also considered advertising.

    Exception: A link to the own website within the signature is permitted.
  3. No content or links to sites that infringe copyrights.
    Including statements that are intended to mislead others into infringing copyright laws.
  4. No discussions on political or religious topics.
    There are suitable platforms (on the Internet) to discuss one's own views and beliefs with others, our forum is not the appropriate place for this.

Signatures, avatars and user profiles

The following conditions apply to the signature:

  1. The signature should not disrupt the reading flow excessively; formatting should be used extremely sparingly.
  2. Links to websites, including in plain text, are not permitted.
  3. The signature should not be higher than 5 lines of text in regular font size.

Avatars and profile pictures exist for the purpose of self-expression and allow other discussion participants to recognize a user more quickly. Some basic rules apply:

  1. Trademark or image rights of third parties may not be infringed; the use of third-party content requires the express consent of the rights holder.
  2. Pictures of strangers may not be used as avatars or profile pictures, including but not limited to relatives or friends.
  3. Photographs of one's own persons should be appropriate for all age groups; unclothed or too lightly dressed photographs are not permitted.