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  • Hello VictorLS.

    Have installed everything correctly ,

    even through the pictures from you.

    Have TSReader Standard on it.

    All boxes are dark nuanced.

    And still it does not start up nicely, like in the video that Stephan sent me.

    It is SHIT

    • Good night

      We've talking about TransEdit but now you're talking about TSReader.

      What do you try with TSReader Standard - receive TCP stream from TransEdit or catch some transponder by TSReader standalone or somewhat else?

      What boxes?

    • Hallo VictorLS

      THE BOXES;

      TransEdit /ABC 4T2 /TSReader /Start MPC-BE /Start VLC / Stop VLC /TSReader Lite / View Content /Close View.

      When I have found a channel through TransEdit, I remember the frequency and through IQmonitor I look it up again by scanning.

      With the right (tune to tuning), it starts to pick up the stream.

      The Start VLC button lights up, VLC appears but nothing happens.

      Also the Spectrum is not filled with a Program (like on the video)

      Translated with (free version)

    • It's a pity I don't use IQMonitor yet.

    • Ha ha ha how nice.

    • My favorite program is CrazyScan