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    I could only check horizontal polarisation but there were 3 signals today including the beacon. I used an SMW Q-PLL type R set to 11.3GHz LO. It's not great with a NF of 3-4dB at 13.6G. 1.8m dish.

    Beacon on 13401H

    Carrier on 13584H

    Frequency hopper. 13416H = 421.4MHz, spectrum inverted. Approx 1 hop/second

    I think Watan is now on 11660H and sitting on top of the 2000ks signal at 11661 with another narrow signal, on 11665, which extends the apparent bandwidth of Watan's 10500ks. Watan is around 7dB SNR at the moment and has a similar signal strength to that which it had when it was in the clear at 13dB.

    from 6/6/24:

    and today:

    I can't work this out at all. Things changed since last night. Now I can only lock the 10000ks data signal which is at 4.7dB but looks like there is something underneath it.

    Here's this morning's spectrum with Marker 1 11668 2000ks

    marker 2 11652 10000ks with a poor shape

    marker 3 11661 which looks similar to marker 1 i.e. 2000ks.

    compare to yesterday evening when Watan was good at 7.3dB SNR despite having a poor spectrum shape:

    <edit> Now Watan is in the clear as the data is off. The 2 narrow signals are still there.

    Satsearcher on Sats UK noticed some changes. When I first looked there were 2 narrow TPs either side of the data on 11660. The signal below those look quite poor and would not lock easily but it was the Watan group.

    It then changed to this:

    With the TV below the data as here (Ignore frequency on constellation plot):

    I can't lock the signal on 11668H using CS on a TBS6903

    Following discussions on SatsUK, here are my plots from 11654H and 11659H. The 2 TPs seem to be overlapping giving a nasty looking spectrum. It is possible to lock both from here in UK. I am not sure if the poor SNR is due to signal level or mutual interference.

    1.8m PF, TBS6983



    satesco None of the signals from Quantum are very strong here. The scale of 2dB/div on the analyser plots makes them look big. Another problem in chasing things on it may be that it is re-configurable so I guess they can move anything any time.

    I'm not sure how far it will get analysing the signals but is very interesting. I have not had any time to try it out properly. It is not something that can just be installed and used

    satesco I could not see anything on the analyser on 12240 but I can see the things around 12605H:

    Markers 3, 4, 7 & 8 are on 2 pairs of narrow signals. This is the one at marker 3:

    and this is at marker 7:

    This is an enlarged spectral plot of marker 2:

    I don't know what the modulation scheme is on any of these. The X which builds up as a single pair into the X is typical of BPSK on CS but the spectrum doesn't look like the one above. I got similar CS constellations on TBS 6903 and 6903xcards. The dish was a 1.8m PF.

    I've added spectra and CS plots of the Quantum beacon here

    I found this pre-launch document:

    Heinrich Hertz Mission - eoPortal

    It looks like you are correct femi

    • 7 channels with 36 MHz bandwidth each at Ka-band (= appr. 7 x 50 Mbit/s = 350 Mbit/s)

    • 1 channel with up to 450 MHz bandwidth at Ka-band (= appr. 1 x 625 Mbit/s)

    • [1 ISL (Intersatellite Link) with 36 MHz bandwidth at Ka-band (= appr. 1 x 50 Mbit/s)]

    • 1 channel with 45 MHz bandwidth at Ku-band (= appr. 1 x 62 Mbit/s)

    The coverage map shows a different orbital position but 2 of the beams are very tight on north and south Germany. There probably will not be anything de-codable.

    I have mine now but no dish up to test it at the moment. However, I did some quick measurements: The gain drops by about 15dB at 17.3GHz and 20dB at 17.2. The noise figure was approximately 1.8dB @ 18G, 1.5dB @ 17.5G, 3.5dB @ 17.3G and 7dB @17.2G. Measurements were made via a 3.5mm to WR42 adaptor so my NF figures will be a little worse than reality.

    It's quite good from 17.4-19.4GHz and will still usable below that if you accept some loss in sensitivity.

    There are only a few hours of the special deal left but these Ka band E and A LNBs are good value:

    I don't know the seller but I have a single band version of the O3B LNB which works well.

    SaTom I found some non-Pro LNBs. They all have F type connectors so I used an SMA to F type adapter which is better than the N type I used previously for F LNBs. THe system was calibrated to the SMA but a reference plane extension was added to take account of the adapter. All are Ku band.

    Invacom SNF-031 (New, unused)

    This is probably the worst matched of any with real impedances of 25-150 Ohms. This would be mismatched for both 75 & 50 ohms and with a wide spread of inductive and capacitive regions..

    MTI AP8-TW (Fron junk heap, may not be fully working)

    Looks quite well matched to 75 Ohms.

    NJR2184F (An old 10.95-11.7G single band LNB)

    Not great but centred on about 80 Ohms from 950-1700MHz

    Inverto Black Single (Unused, DRO type)

    Around 50 Ohms, from 950-1700, higher & capacitive above that

    Sharp BSK2EL200A LNBF

    Close to 50 Ohms 1.3-2.3GHz

    Sky EL021 (Full band)

    Plot does not include the region below 500MHz

    Quite good for such a wide band. Centred on about 60 Ohms.