66.1°E Galaxy 25 (incl.) END-OF-LIFE GS>Ku

  • Hi, lock 12091H on 66E (incl. 4°)?

    Location: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
    Ku-Band: 50°West - 95°East Gibertini OP100 (1,0m)
    Ku-Band: 5°West - 39°East WaveFrontier T90 (0,9m)
    Ku-Band LNB: Avenger PLL321S-2 PLL
    Tuner: TBS 5925&5530&5220, EDISION MIO+ 4K, Mut@nt HD51, Dreambox 900UHD&7020HD

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    Thanks EnoSat :76:

    I started a new toppic here.

    Just my signal on 12090 H 24540 and -0.45° inclination at scan time.

  • test

    KTI 370 cm, Ku band, 125°E <> 22°W

    Eurostar240cm PRIME FOCUS, Ku band, 125°E <> 22°W

    Lnb:Inverto Black Ultra

    Receiver : Dreambox9004K,7020HD,800HD,500,7020,7000

    Tuner: TBS 6903

    Location: Bahrain

  • On this position again. Inclination at scan time 1.20°N; 66.18°E. Much weaker signal on 12090 H, unlocked for me.

  • On this position again. Inclination at scan time 3.84°S; 62.3°E (according my setup).

    Got it now! :77:

  • Galaxy 25 was launched in 1997, and was placed at 97.0°W until 2008 when it moved to 93.1°W.

    Inclination started March 2018.

    Then during Summer 2019 moved to 32.9°E, and in Autumn 2021 to 66.1°E.

    Raised to graveyard in December 2022.

    Location: Oss, NL, 5.5°E 51.8°N. Rx: Dr.HD F16, TBS 5927.
    Laminas 120cm 1°W...68°E, T-55 9/13/19/23/28/39/42/45°E.

  • hvdh

    Changed the title of the thread from “66.1°E Galaxy 25 (incl.)” to “66.1°E Galaxy 25 (incl.) END-OF-LIFE GS>Ku”.

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