10.0°E Eutelsat 10B

  • No news here - just my complete spectrum (2.2m)... 12736 V 4000 very far away... :128:

  • Blind Scan

    Location :amman jordan

    The size dish : jonsa 1.8 meters

    Receiver :Dreambox 820

  • No changes - just my complete spectrum (2.2m)... 12736 V 4000 still very far away... :69:

  • Interesting, 12736 V I have 6,5 max. , who knows which spot it is... :25:

    Location: Zilina,Slovakia

    Kathrein 220cm, Ku+C band, 88E-55.5W
    Cупрал PF 200cm,Ku+C band, 78.5E-37.5W
    Kovosat 115cm, Ku band, 76,5E-55.5W
    Kovosat 115cm, KaD band,

    DR HD F15,Octagon SF8008
    TBS 6983

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