5G vs. C-band

  • Hello,

    I would like to open this topic to share experiences and tips for 5G and C-band interference.

    In Hungary 5G network installation has been started below 3.8 GHz.

    Some DX-er reported near 5G tower (around 5km) C-band almost totaly died. Over 3.8GHz as well.

    So if somebody has some similar experience or solution, please share in this topic.:3:

    Location: Hatvan/Hungary
    C band: dyras 175cm (83E-34W), Kaonsat 13K LNB
    Jonsa 240cm PFA (40.5W), Kaonsat 13K LNB
    KU band: 120cm offset+Invero BU single LNB
    Receivers: VU+zero 4K, Ustym 4K pro

  • here from me below 3600 ghz no signal, here is the wimax covering the C band

    Lodi sud

    dish 150 gibertini
    lnb ku fracarro
    lnb ka inverto
    lnb C L+R supermax
    lnb C v+H supermax
    1 motor smr 1224 geändert
    2 motor El

    tbs 6925 sat
    tbs 5280 Dtt
    rover tab 7 EVO

    proform KTI h 180 x back up smr 1224

  • Sky and star watchers have gone far from urban areas due to light pollution, I guess the same is expected of C band fans due to the 5G network :88:

    Location: Croatia, Kutina
    3,1m "Metalski Zavod Tito" PF (91.5E-47.5W)
    2,7m "Laminas" offset (UK 28,2E)
    3x 1,8m "Prodelin" offset
    1,2m "Channel Master" offset + Amiko DM3800S (90E-55,5W)
    Multi-Feed "Wave Frontier" Toroidal Antenna T90 (28,5E-0,8W)
    TBS5927;TBS5925;Octagon SF8008;DM8000

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